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I just realized that I use my LJ alter ego more than I actually use this LJ - and for some reason I have only told a very few people that it even exists.

So here I am to pimp my own "other" journal.


Warning 1. it is not really work safe (though it is all text)  2. it is not for the easily offended

enjoy please!


Yoko too?

Yoko, Yasu, Ohkura all sick.....

.....and they were all together right before they got sick....

Not I am REALLY curious about what went on at that fan event!!!




59 Fics and counting!
Master List


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I am going to start uploading all my old fics to this LJ account.  I am sick of having them scattered all over the net, losing half of them when this board crashes or that one closes.

So, I am warning everyone who might want to defriend me (I won't take it personal I promise), so they don't get a flood of posts. (I have about 50 fics!)

Ok, I know I haven't posted in like forever.....but I just had to share my dream from last night with you..

I dreamt of Shota!

He was making Christmas presents for all the members of K8. He was making them chocolates. He had these chocolate molds shaped like stockings, he put them together but they were hollow and he was filling the stocking up with ganache.

But his ganache was not setting up correctly and it looked more like chocolate milk. He drank up the "chocolate milk" and had a chocolate mustache and the instant he drank - he got a little fatter.

He then started dipping his finger in the chocolate and tasting it - and with each taste he got messier and a little fatter.

Finally he was going to coat the whole chocolate stocking with a dark chocolate, which he got all over himself and as he tried to lick it off his fingers - he got a little fatter.

By the end of the dream Shota was totally covered in chocolate - and fat!

Ryo, with braids is rather stimulating.

I like......very much.

He must be pierced.

Ok,  - really

Could they have made Kanjani 8:00 2008 sound any more like 5 True Love??

The songs are exactly alike!! - it is like the K8 version of 5 True Love! (but not as good)



I have to say sorry to all my friends who have taken the time to reply to my journal the past few weeks. I have read each and every entry and do appreciate it.

I can only read LJ here at work – as soon as I try to respond our blocker pops up and blocks the site from me.

And, home is just a mess right now. As you all know, I started grad school full time – which fills just about every second I have away from work. On top of that since my mom died I am really the only one in the house that cooks, shops and takes care of stuff.

So what I am trying to say is I am really busy!! But I do love you all, and appreciate all the cards and thoughts you have sent me in the past few weeks!

This year, we decided Dad should go away for Christmas - since it would be the first Christmas without mom we thought it would be tough on him.

So, it fell to me to take care of this....


We booked it yesterday.
Cruise departs Dec. 25th, goes to Cozumel Mexico and then on to Costa Rica and back to the states.  I am very excited (even if I am travelling with my father!)
I have never been on a cruise before so it is really fun for me.
......I hope it lives up to my expectations
(The Love Boat)

Here is how my brain thinks -

I get a message from a person at work and it says something like.

"I sent you a txt, did you get it?"

My first thoughts

She sent me a Takki and Tsubasa pic?
How does she know Takki and Tsubasa?
Is she into Yaoi too?

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